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Dirty Rice Hash with Chipotle BBQ Flat Iron Steak

I’ve often wondered how potato hash differs around the country, imagining that the prevailing favorite staples would create new, iconic hashes: Texas – BBQ hash, Maine – lobster hash, Louisiana – crawfish hash. Well, it is true that regions differ, but what’s even more interesting is that potatoes aren’t the only anchor veggie. Say hello to Dirty Rice. I mean low-down-get-on-your-spurs-we’re-going-for-a-ride kind of dirty! This creation is really a combination of rice and picadillo, which comes from Spanish and is the equivalent of hash in English.

Basic Building Blocks

One of the things you’ll notice with this rice hash is how easy it is to throw together. Besides the above ingredients, you’ll need rice (I used basmati because it it super simple and fast to make) and Trader Joe’s Chipotle BBQ Flat Iron Steak. The steak is already marinated in a lovely chipotle BBQ sauce and is so tender and tasty, I couldn’t stop eating the hashed morsels of divine goodness.

Grilling Chipotle BBQ Flat Iron Steaks from Trader Joes
Dirty Rice with Chipotle Pepper BBQ Flat Iron Steak

With the thick BBQ sauce and chili powder, you can understand why they call it Dirty Rice. This is something that works for lunch/dinner/4th meal (I did not say that.) and will alter your perception of what constitutes beef hash!

Happy Hashcapades,

1  package of Trader Joe’s Chipotle BBQ Flat Iron Steak
> Grill steak for 6-8 min/side, cool and hash

1 Cup basmati rice
> Bring 6 cups of water to a boil
> Add rice to boiling water, keeping the boil going for about 8-10 minutes
> Drain rice and water in a colander and set aside 

1 red onion, hashed
1 red pepper, hashed
1 green pepper, hashed
> Saute onion and peppers in big frying pan with oil for about 5 minutes until tender

1 TB chili powder
1/4 Cup Trader Joes Kansas City BBQ Sauce
1/4 Cup tomato sauce
> Add meat, chili powder, BBQ sauce and tomatoe sauce, simmer for 5 minutes
> Add rice and heat through, then serve

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