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How to Build Your PDX Breakfast Cred

Let’s say you were on a mission to uncover the best places in Portland for breakfast. Would you a) Google it; b) head to The Pearl; or c) hire a brunch sherpa? While Google may result in an array of choices and The Pearl may suffice, the correct answer is C. Why? Because hiring a brunch sherpa […]
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Food.Farmer.Earth – March 7, 2013
“In this video, Clark Haass, author of “Hashcapades: The Art of the Perfect Hash Adventure,” talks about the ubiquitous nature of hash, and how it’s found in many other cultures, each with their own characteristic versions. Visit Cooking Up a Story to read the full post.” – Rebecca Potter Gerendasy

Food.Farmer.Earth – March 6, 2013
“Clark Haass is bent on world domination, but not in the evil-overlord, bwa-ha-ha sense. He wants to bring the world to the table over a heaping plate of hash. Visit Cooking Up a Story to read the full post.” – Rebecca Potter Gerendasy

The Oregonian FOODday – November 26, 2012
“Portland’s Clark Haass works in high tech by day and in his off-hours samples all the hash offerings he can find and then writes about them on his Hashcapades blog. His new book celebrates his obsession in 30 surprisingly diverse and appetizing recipes..” – Katherine Miller

The Deb Colitti Show – October 26, 2012
“Clark Haassauthor of ‘Hascapades – The Art of the Perfect Hash Adventure’ teaches us to ‘Think Outside The Can’, with fantastic recipes both basic and gourmet. Clark’s obsession with hash includes facilitating Hashcapades at restaurants from Portland to LA and has many followers on his popular blog.” – Deb Colitti

Casper Star Tribune – October 9, 2012
“Clark Haass was raised in Casper, has three college degrees, and has an obsession with hash — diced up meat and potatoes, or ingredients far more exotic. His blog has become a cookbook, “Hashcapades — The Art of the Perfect Hash Adventure,” and it’s been reviewed from coast to coast.” – Sally Ann Shurmur

AM Northwest – KATU TV  – October 1, 2012
Clark Haass, author of Hashcapades, showed Dave how to make a smoked salmon hash. “One of the things I like about [Hashcapades] is you break down early the different levels of hash. Some are from leftovers, some are a little more complicated and some are completely from scratch.” – Dave Anderson

Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki – KPAM 860 Radio  – September 30, 2012
KPAM Audio Vault has my interview with Missy, starting at about 3:45. “By the second page, I’m laughing because it’s a great cookbook, but also it’s hilarious.”  – Missy Maki

The Denver Post – Hash: Think outside the can with this cross-cultural dining staple – September 5, 2012
“Haass, who calls Portland, Ore., home, is the author of “Hashcapades: The Art of the Perfect Hash Adventure.” It’s a self-published book, available online at his long-running website, hashcapades.com. For Haass, the whole adventure began with a life-changing meal at a now-defunct restaurant in the Rose City called Roux. It was a French place that served a smoked trout hash. He fell for the dish like Romeo for a culinary Juliet.” – William Porter

Oregon Potato Commission – A Humble Ingredient Taking Root– August 2, 2012
“Another Northwest writer, food blogger Clark Haass, is praising potatoes in the release of his first cookbook this fall. Hashcapades: The Art of the Perfect Hash Adventure will take readers on a journey through hash recipes from all over the world.” — Amy Wood, Harvest PR

Boston Globe – Boston.com – Food & Dining– May 23, 2012
“Clark Haass, an Oregon-based writer who chronicles his obsession with the shape-shifting dish on the website Hashcapades.com, is more broad-minded. “In the final analysis, it’s more about the chopped or shredded nature of the dish than whether or not leftovers are involved,” Haass says. He has enjoyed “deconstructed” hash, in which chopped corned beef was adorned with asparagus spears and shoestring potatoes, and another version of hash that was “more like a stew.” – Jim Chiavelli

New York Times – Diner’s Journal Blog – What We’re Reading – April 26, 2012
“A young hash-obsessed food lover in Portland, Ore., Clark Haass, has expanded beyond eating and writing into producing hash-related video. Amazingly appetizing, especially considering it’s done mostly with Sharpies and Post-Its.” — Julia Moskin

Willamette Egg Farms – Egg-cellent Holiday Traditions– November 30, 2011
“We’ve hatched a plan with client Willamette Egg Farms to produce its first-ever EGG-cellent Holiday Traditions Contest. To ensure the contest took flight, we enlisted the help of a few food fanatics, including Hashcapades’ Clark Haass@Hashcapades, to post inspirational photos of their own holiday recipes and traditions online.” — Amy Wood, Harvest PR

The Oregonian – Oregonlive.com – FOODday– May 10, 2011
“Hash hounds can also sample the recipes and “hashcapades” of Portland’s own hash blogger, Clark Haass.” – Ronnie Fein

Award   TheTakedown.com – Portland Bacon Takedown– May 23, 2011
“I don’t want to leave.  Maybe I’ll miss my flight and stay here where the air is clean and the people brutalize bacon with ABANDON. People’s Choice Awards: 2nd: Clark Haass – Bacon Hash with Caramelized Onion & Kale” — Matt Timms

Award   The Oregonian – Oregonlive.com – FOODday– February 25, 2011
“Third place went to the hash [Clark Haass], combining sweet and Yukon Gold potatoes, crumbled smoked salmon, dill and crème frâche. Both the hash and migas earned praise from judges for packing a heck of a lot into 140 characters; one judge pronounced them to be on a different plane as the others because of their complexity.” — Leslie Cole

New York Times – Diner’s Journal Blog – What We’re Reading– January 18, 2011
“Clark Haass, who works for Intel, moved to Portland, Ore., and, he writes, “caught the foodie bug.” Now he writes an entire blog dedicated to hash, one of my favorite recent topics.” – Julia Moskin


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