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How to Build Your PDX Breakfast Cred

Let’s say you were on a mission to uncover the best places in Portland for breakfast. Would you a) Google it; b) head to The Pearl; or c) hire a brunch sherpa? While Google may result in an array of choices and The Pearl may suffice, the correct answer is C. Why? Because hiring a brunch sherpa […]
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World Hash Domination Kit

Coming to a major city in your area, Hashcapades.com invites you to Roll Your Own Hashcapade! Now feast your eyes on this exclusive World Hash Domination Kit which contains Hashcapades: The Art of the Perfect Hash Adventure, a $100 Visa* Gift Card (International folks will receive PayPal payment) and a Kingston*8GB SD Card.


Review the rules here and select any city (orange bold are taken) and get your hash on!

Hashcapade City List

AtlantaAustinBaltimore, Birmingham, BostonCharlotte, Chicago, CincinnatiClevelandDallas,
DenverDetroitHonoluluHoustonIndianapolis, Kansas CityLos AngelesLas Vegas, Louisville,
Madison, MiamiMilwaukeeMinneapolisNashvilleNew Orleans, New York, Oklahoma City, Orlando,
Portland OR, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, ProvidenceRaleigh, Richmond, Salt Lake City,
San AntonioSan DiegoSan Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa, Washington DC

Calgary, DublinEdinburgh, London, Montreal, Ottawa, Stockholm, TorontoVancouver

* Trademarks referred to in the World Hash Domination Kit are the property of their respective trademark holders.


Corned Beef Hash at Veritable Quandary in Portland

Every endeavor deserves an icon, a patron saint, an inspiration or a muse. In my case, I found “Veronique”, goddess of hashcapades and eye-catching siren of hash. Where might one find such a creature worthy of potato hash, or in this case, Corned Beef Hash on Saint Patrick’s Day Eve? Veritable Quandary, of course!

VQ Maiden

As we entered VQ through curtains, Veronique’s inviting countenance and open arms greeted us warmly in a French accent, “Welcome, Clahhrrrk. Zee hash eez waiting!” Enthralled, I clumsily stumbled along the path to our table located in a glass-enclosed backroom. Sunlight streamed in on this gorgeous morning, illuminating our cozy table, a sign of good fortune bestowed upon me by my muse.

Veritable Quandary

As we waited for hungry hashcapade peeps to arrive, Jody recommended the VQ-8, an ingenious take on a Bloody Mary. Made with beet-infused vodka, VQ-8 has a deep, serious red color  that invited me to contemplate the meaning of life as I snacked on the sublime garnish. Seriously, one of the best Bloody Mary’s I’ve had the pleasure of drinking (or eating)!

VQ Collage

Brunch was an impressive array of VQ classics plus our custom hash. Clockwise from upper left – Corned Beef Hash, Catfish Benedict, VQ Benedict, French Toast and VQ Chilaquiles. One the eve of St. Patricks’s Day, I had high expectations of the Corned Beef Hash. I missed that the eggs were fried, but Veronique had anticipated my dilemma and, as if by magic, two poached eggs appeared! VQ’s rendition treatment was spot on – chunky potatoes, onion, green & red pepper and corned beef – and I tucked into my CBH with wild abandon.

VQ Peeps

Thanks to my hashcateers: (pictured) Cory, Mary, Suzanne, Barry, Kristin (plus) Janel, Dana, Tony, Ryan, David, and Blake; special thanks to VQ GM Jason Gerlt, Erin and our fabulous waitress, Jody, for a cozy & memorable hashcapade…slàinte!

Happy Hashcapades,


Corned Beef Hash for St. Patrick’s Day

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day and I know you have Corned Beef Hash on the brain, but are looking for a twist on the original. Fear not. Just as Brandie Kajino and I led you through National Corned Beef Hash Day, we’ll make sure St. Patrick’s Day is your culinary Woodstock; your CBH-palooza.  So, let’s get this party started now because it’s time to brine that brisket!

St Pats CBH Schedule

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Roll Your Own Hashcapade

Have you seen my hash escapades and thought, “I could host my own Hashcapade.”? You’re right – there’s no reason I should get to have all the fun! I’m looking for 50 social media-obsessed bloggers with a penchant for food, friends and hash. You: blog; love good food; have 1000+ stalkers on twitter; are well-connected; are chatty; have super fun friends who are up for an extraordinary adventure. If this describes you, I need your help..right now!

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Braised Pork Sweet Potato Hash

“Begin with the end in mind and visualize what you want,” whispered the voice. Startled by the broken silence, I realized the voice was inside my head as I began this post. Visual by nature, I decided to heed my inner thoughts and dazzle you with one of my best potato hashes ever!

Praise the Braise!

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