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Potato Hash Hashcapades Cookbook

How to Build Your PDX Breakfast Cred

Let’s say you were on a mission to uncover the best places in Portland for breakfast. Would you a) Google it; b) head to The Pearl; or c) hire a brunch sherpa? While Google may result in an array of choices and The Pearl may suffice, the correct answer is C. Why? Because hiring a brunch sherpa […]
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St. Patrick’s Day

Corned Beef Hash Croquettes

It’s the day after St. Patrick’s Day and people all over the world are doing two things: 1) recovering from a hangover; and 2) wondering what to do with massive amounts of leftover corned beef. Now, most people would go straight to corned beef hash, but noooo! I’m one step ahead. I’m thinking about what […]


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